Oxygen's signature barre class is a full body workout fitness program designed to give you chiseled abs, toned legs, cut arms, and a high, lifted butt. This ballet inspired, core-centric class focuses on isolated core fitness exercises, alignment, flexibility and posture as you work through targeted mindful muscle movements. Let our barre teachers push you to the limit — and then find balance — as every hard worked muscle is followed by a deep relaxing stretch. Suitable for all fitness levels. We require no slip grip socks.

(45-minutes)For when you don’t have an hour but still need a jolt, Express Barre serves up a double shot of endorphins in just 45-minutes. With an accelerated format and faster pace, we’ve condensed your favorite barre moves to bring you the ultimate burn.

Cardio Barre
What do you get when you combine the cardio benefits of interval training with the toning benefits of the barre technique? Oxygen's signature Cardio Barre class-- a fun, sweaty, fat-burning, muscle-sculpting combo class that transforms your entire body. This fast paced two-part class consists of 30 minutes of sweaty sprints with short recovery periods followed by muscle-defining barre-based sequences of movements that target your thighs, glutes and abs. It’s your one-stop-shop for a calorie torching, body-tightening workout.

Hot Yoga
This is a open level power yoga class taught in a heated room. The heat will provide for a detoxifying sweat while you flow through an athletic and dynamic sequence of postures.

Power Flow Yoga
This vinyasa flow is a powerful combination of strength, balance, and flexibility. Your body and mind will be encouraged and challenged as you flow through sequences and hold poses for varying lengths of time. (non-heated)

Get ready for the best work out in the world! OxyBlast is a multi-level class that will give you 45 minutes of alternating cardio on the treadmill and then strength-training on the floor focused on your entire body. Blast calories and have a blast doing it!

OxyBlast EXPRESS is a multi-level class that will give you 35 minutes of alternating cardio on the treadmill and then strength-training on the floor focused on your entire body. Blast calories and have a blast doing it!

Our high intensity interval training (HIIT) class will move you through 5 power stations including TRX, weights, gliders, plyo-boxes, and core balls. Short active recovery breaks in between will keep your heart rate high and the quality of your workout at a maximum. The sequences change every month, so the workout — and the challenge — stays fresh. (Sneakers required.)

Pure Spinning with NO gimmicks. Just an awesome spinning class with Great Music and a Friendly Vibe. Our signature class is a 50 minute full-body class in a candle lit setting, allowing you a GREAT WORKOUT with ZERO stress.

A 30 minute spin class (including warm-up and cool down) for that cardio quickie for the experienced athlete or a taste of our spinning class for those wanting to get their feet wet or new to spinning. It’s all about multi-tasking, this class will include climbs with sprints, jogs with boxing intervals, etc. Remember, if you are new, learning to push yourself to the max is just as important as knowing when to pace yourself.

Extreme cross training at its best! This total body circuit challenge combines the Indo-Row machines for high-intensity calorie burn with dynamic, functional exercises using Body Bars, BOSUs, and other equipment to sculpt and transform the body! Max effort, and EXTREME results!