Can I purchase the introductory offer after I take my first class?
The introductory offer must be purchased prior to taking any classes and can only be purchased once. 

Are water and towels available at Oxygen?
Oxygen provides clients with towels and has water available for purchase. 

Where can I find the latest schedule?
Simply click on the schedule page "book a class" tab to view our schedule and to see who is teaching. 

What type of training do your teachers have?
All of our teachers are highly trained and have numerous certifications. 

What do I need to bring?
Barre: We require socks with grippers on them, if you do not have any Oxygen sells them. 
Spin/Ripped Ride: Spin shoes are not required for Spin and Ripped Ride, however we do recommend using them if you own a pair. If you don't have spin shoes, tennis shoes work just fine. Our bikes are compatible with SPD cleats.
Hot Yoga: Please be sure to bring plenty of water and a towel. We do have yoga mats you can use but most people bring their own. 
ShockWave, TRX, & Bootcamps: You should wear tennis shoes to these classes.
We recommend bringing and drinking plenty of water for all of our classes at Oxygen.  

How hot is your Hot Yoga class?
Oxygen's signature Hot Yoga class is 90-100 degrees. 

What if I have an injury?
Please inform the teacher of any injuries you have. Our teachers and trainers know the modifications you may need to perform during class. 

Does Oxygen have lockers?
We have lockers without locks- feel free to bring in your own lock. 

Can we arrive late to class?
We ask that you please arrive on time. After 10 minutes into a class, students will not be allowed to enter, NO exceptions. This is to ensure and respect the groups pace and flow during class. If you do arrive late within the 10 minute window, we ask that you do a one minute warm up before joining the class.

What is the cancellation policy?
If you do not show up, sign in and/or cancel less than 12 hours before the reserved class time, you will be charged the drop in rate of $15. The cancellation applies to everyone who signs up for class online or on the app. 

Can I participate if I am pregnant?
Oxygen requires all pregnant women to provide a doctor's approval of exercise before taking classes. Please request the Pregnancy Modifications document from your teacher. 

Do I need to sign a liability waiver?
All clients are required to completely fill out the liability form prior to participating in any activities at Oxygen. You can complete the liability form by going the following link: 

Where should I park?
If you're working out between 8am and 5pm, please fill in the parking spots at the median first so our neighbors' customers can appreciate parking as well.