If you're new to Oxygen, be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the class you're interested in taking. 
Come workout with us, you'll be glad you did! We require everyone to complete our liability form before attending any classes or personal training sessions - click here to complete the liability form. 

What you need for our classes:
Barre: Socks with grippers on the bottom of them (available for purchase at Oxygen)
Yoga: Yoga Mat (we have yoga mats available)
Spin, OxyBlast & ShockWave: Tennis Shoes (our spin bikes are compatible with SPD cleats)
We recommend you bring plenty of water for all of our classes

friendly reminders

Disconnect. Classes at Oxygen are your chance to disconnect from all of your worries and troubles - make sure to fully disconnect by turning off your cell phone and leaving them in your locker. Please do not text during classes - it not only distracts you but everyone else in class too.

Claim your spot! Reservations are recommended for all of our classes. You can reserve your spot online or on the app up until 30 minutes before class. If you want to come to class within 30 minutes feel free to call us at (706) 364-7746 to reserve your spot or simply just come and if the class isn't full you can take (we recommend reserving so you're guaranteed a spot)

Wait list workings. In the event that a class you are signed up for has a wait list, your spot will be given to another die-hard Oxygen member if you are not present when it starts. #BeOnTime 

If you're on the waitlist and are added to the class you are expected to attend regardless of the time you're added so please be sure to check 30 minutes before class if you were added.  

Arrive early. Please remember to arrive to class early with enough time to set up for class (new clients should arrive 10 to 15 minutes prior to class). 

Get a grip. We require grip socks in all Barre classes so be sure to bring yours or you can purchase some at Oxygen.

Please don't stand us up! All classes must be canceled at least twelve hours in advance. Cancellations within twelve hours will result in a charge to your credit card on file, or a deduction from your class package. Cancellation fee will also be charged if you fail to check in with the front desk when you first arrive. You can cancel on your app, online, or by calling (706) 364-7746. 
We understand emergencies happened so in the event of an uncontrollable circumstance please call (706)364-7746 to cancel.