Fitness has been an important part of Janna Malchow's life.  She has been trained in group fitness, Barre, and Spin.  As a breast cancer survivor of 6 years, exercise became even more important to her well-being.  Through her treatment phase, she continued with spin and weight training,  She encourages clients to continue exercising through their difficult times too.  Sometimes modifications have to be made, but exercise and diet are an important part of the healing process. Janna is very excited about the Barre class. She has seen dramatic results with oxygen clients who regularly attend Barre.   She explained that "the beauty of Oxygen's barre class, is that every instructors put their own spin on the class.  You are constantly working different muscles or working muscles in a different way!  No two classes are the same.....take your measurements before you come, and in six weeks, with steady attendance, you will find that, inches from your core have melted away!"