Meet the owners, Rich & Amy

Our love for group fitness began after several trips to fitness studios in New York City. It was the lively atmosphere, excitement and motivation of the instructors, and cutting edge classes that really set these studios apart from others we had visited. After our visits, we wanted to work out, we wanted to better ourselves, and most importantly, we wanted to give others the same incredible opportunity. So, we brought this innovative group fitness experience to Augusta with the opening of Oxygen Fitness Studio in January 2012.
Oxygen is family run organization, but what we love most is how big our Oxygen family has grown. The friendships we have built and the relationships we have developed are a huge reason we love what we do. There is a connection made when you are pushing each other to be the best and strongest you can possibly be. You can't find it anywhere else.
At Oxygen, we strive to create a community of people who love fitness and inspiring others. When you walk in to the studio, expect to be greeted by friendly staff and motivating teachers. Expect to join a fun and challenging workout. Expect to gain the desire to push yourself further than you ever have before. When you meet our instructors you will learn that many of them were once clients themselves, but with Oxygen’s help they were able to change their bodies and achieve goals they never thought were possible.
We invite you to join us on our fitness journey. At Oxygen Fitness Studio, you too can achieve the once thought impossible.

Rich and Amy