Dr. Drew Van Alstine's Oxygen Story

What first brought you to Oxygen?
Friends suggested that I come to Oxygen and my daughter worked here. Everything that I have ever heard about it was always very positive.

How was your first experience at Oxygen?
GREAT - Very positive and challenging! Oxygen is an environment that really pushes to your max and make you work out in ways you wouldn't do so at home. It's a really good setting and group with great instructors - that's what kind of hooked me.

What kept you coming back?
The results were great! I have a lot better endurance and over all fitness is much better. After a while I began to look forward to coming to these classes in the evening.

Have you seen Oxygen impact your health?
I've had three knee surgeries, a shoulder surgery, and I'm in the best shape I've been in 20 years. My family and I went skiing this past Winter for two solid days. Typically skiing that much would make me finish an entire bottle of Advil, but I think I only took two the whole trip. We've also gone on a number of hiking trips that were much easier than before I started my oxygen journey. I'm able to play sports I haven't been able to play in years like soccer and haven't felt any of the aftermath that I would typically feel - the days of playing for one day and recovering for three are gone!

What's your favorite class?
I can't just pick one - I like Spinning and Oxyblast. The Spin is what really led me to Oxygen which is surprising because I never thought I'd really love it. You're in your own zone when spinning but the other class members and the instructors at Oxygen are so good and motivating that makes you give all of your energy and effort. I would have to say one of the biggest positives at Oxygen is its environment. The staff, instructors and owners do an excellent job of keeping a very clean and safe environment that not only I can enjoy, but one that my family can also enjoy. Being able to workout with my family is great for our relationships!