Chelsie's Oxygen Story

Chelsie (on the left) in OxyBlast with Dennis 📷  Sundaze Photography

Chelsie (on the left) in OxyBlast with Dennis
📷 Sundaze Photography

After four years (and probably four million calories) of living in Athens for undergrad, I moved to Augusta in May 2015 to attend Physician Assistant school. A roommate of mine in college was from Augusta and had told me Oxygen was the best fitness studio and a must try. Of course, my post-college goals consisted of getting rid of the Freshman 15 that decided to hang around for quite a while. 

Two days after I moved to Augusta, I signed up for a membership at Oxygen and never looked back. As a former dancer and soccer player, Oxygen offered the perfect mix of classes that allowed me to change up my routine each day all while satisfying my athletic spirit. Whether I was dying during a round of Amy’s killer 200 plié squats in Barre or sprinting my heart out during OxyBlast, I always felt changes happening after each and every work out. I developed a love for spin and looked forward each week to sprinting it out and tapping it back with Krystle (who’s music is beyond amazing!)

My goal from the get go was not to achieve a perfect body, but rather to live a healthy, active life that allowed me to enjoy being in my 20’s while also loving my body and myself. 25 pounds down, and I’ve surpassed every goal I ever imagined I’d achieve! I am in the best shape of my life and am the happiest I’ve ever been. Working out has become my ultimate therapy, and I love that I can still treat myself to tacos guilt-free! 

As I wrap my time up here in Augusta, I’ll never forget the words on the wall in the spin studio, “Inhale Intention, Exhale Expectation,” which became my motto to tell myself during workouts, especially when I wanted to give up. I’ll forever appreciate Dennis yelling at me to sprint faster at 5 am when I DID NOT want to run at all. Oxygen has become my safe haven these past 19 months and has kept me sane during the worst of test weeks throughout PA school. I developed a second family here (a crazy family that likes to sprint to The Chainsmokers before the sun rises), but I will always be grateful for the encouragement and energy each and every person brings to the studio. Amy and Rich have developed an amazing community here in Augusta, and my heart is a lot healthier in more ways than one!