Client Spotlight: Sarah Huber


How did you first learn about Oxygen Fitness?
I first learned about Oxygen through two of my dental school classmates, Elisse and Amara, who raved about the instructors here and the classes that were offered.

What's your favorite thing about Oxygen?
I love that instructors make the effort to get to know you on an individual basis and not only push you toward achieving your fitness goals but encourage you to do even more than you thought you could.

Which class is your go to class?
My two favorite classes are Oxyblast with Dennis and Spin 30 with Amy

What's your favorite exercise/move/pose in that class?
Sprints in oxyblast

Do you feel like working out at Oxygen has helped you in other activities outside of Oxygen?
Life in dental school is pretty busy but going to evening classes at Oxygen has given me something to look forward to while I’m studying or seeing patients during the day, and it has definitely helped reduce the stress I feel throughout the week.