Instructor Spotlight

Anna is an Oxygen Fitness Barre Teacher 💪

Anna is an Oxygen Fitness Barre Teacher 💪

What’s on your bedside table?
I always have Burts Bee’s lip balm, a tervis full of water, and my favorite candle made by Nest. 

If someone played you in a movie who would it be?
I would probably say Reese Witherspoon! Maybe its just because I like her but we most certainly have something in common…a love for the South! 

What TV show can you not miss? 
Fixer Upper and my new favorite This is Us. 

Who do you look up to?

One of my very best friends and mentors, Nicole Pridgen. My husband and I were given the gift of being her twin boys God parents, she trained me in barre, and she walks so gracefully in her faith and  in her life. She is always smiling, always loving others, and serves unconditionally. She is a precious gift to me! 

What’s the number one thing that makes you smile?

When my husband, Jordan comes home from work everyday. Best moment of my day!! 

What's your dream travel destination?
Somewhere tropical of course. I grew up around the ocean and it has been and always will be my place of rest and tranquility! I went to Bora Bora last year and that was probably the dreamiest place I’ve ever witnessed. We LOVE to travel. Think the next place on my bucket list is Hawaii. 

What is your go-to take out order?
D’Allesandros pizza.  Its downtown Charleston. No joke, my husband and I would eat there every single week! Everything is fresh, locally grown, and so delicious. 

Two songs you can’t stop listening to right now?
Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars and Now Is Forever by Lauren Daigle.  

What is your perfect day like?
Sleeping in, spending quite time with my Savior, then riding my bike to this little cafe called Three Little Birds for the most delicious breakfast.  After, I would take an exercise class (barre, yoga, Pilates- you name it I’m there) then head straight to Sullivan's for a relaxing day sitting by the sea.  Topping the day off with an amazing meal and even better gelato. Of corse- all of this done with my man and sweet puppy dog! 

Coffee or Tea?

What did you buy with your first paycheck? 
I worked at my aunt’s coffee shop called Hobnob Gourmet in high school and I have NO clue but most likely something very unimportant like clothing, food, or a CD, ha! 

NSync or Backstreet Boys?
Backstreet Boys all day!

What fashion mistake have you made in the past?

BTW - This is the first pic ever of Anna and her husband (they've been together for 12 years!)

BTW - This is the first pic ever of Anna and her husband (they've been together for 12 years!)

What fashion mistake have I not made? Probably the Abercrombie & Fitch ripped skirt that my mother refused for me to buy…but I did anyways. Mistake.  Listen to you mother!

What song instantly puts you in a good mood?
This is such a difficult question! So many songs instantly make me happy! I guess if I had to choose one I would pick “Something Just Like This” by Coldplay. Another sweet oxygen teacher shared it with me and I’m obsessed. 

What’s the last picture on your phone?
My breakfast! My husband’s sisters and I like to share whats happening in the kitchen for a little inspiration. 

Biggest indulgent?
Dark Chocolate…obsessed.

Favorite place to shop?
Target, Target, and Target!! Seriously though, does Target not have the most amazing things?? Workout clothing: Lululemon. 

Last book you read?
The Story by Max Lucado. 

What advice would you give your younger self?
Be true to who you are, never conforming to this world, and love yourself. Be humble and generous. You can never out give others with your time, money, or your heart.

Secret talent?
I can touch my nose with my tongue…so dull I know!