Check in. Check out with rewards.

What sets you spiraling on the path towards well-being--a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being -- not merely the absence of disease or infirmity1.  

What’s your catalyst towards living balanced and vibrantly well? Is it a mended relationship after fixing heart issues? Is it the nourishment of a wholesome Acai bowl? Or maybe a runner’s high after a jog alongside the canal? How we envision our well-being is unique to each of us. We must recognize that it is a lifelong process, rather than a simple destination being reached. The dimensions of our well-being--whether that be social, physical, financial, emotional, and environmental, all work in tandem to build the foundation for one’s personal wellness. 

Naturally, exercise is one of several elements that deeply affect our physical well-being. Studies have proven that working up a sweat is essential for improving one’s mood, for increased energy, and preventing disease. Our bodies were designed to be powerful in strength, and need to be healthy in order for survival. Yet, the shift in our society has displaced physical labor with convenience. We are becoming a country who loves to sit, rather than one who seeks opportunities to move. 

So how can you today replace convenience with movement? How can you incorporate activities that fit your specific needs and include exertion and effort in your daily routine? Exertion can be found just about anywhere--parking further away and briskly walking to the door or going one inch lower in barre class. Try a little harder, move a little faster. The rewards are endless. 

Walk in. Work out. If you’re a Humana Go365® member, you have the opportunity to check in at the gym and check out with rewards. And who doesn’t like getting rewarded for working out? Now Oxygen has a new beacon device that will make it even easier to earn rewards. With this new beacon device, you can easily earn points right away for going to class. Simply enable Beacon check-in within the Go365 App.The device then sends signals to your smartphone – telling Go365 that you’ve wirelessly checked in and should get credit for your workout. Be healthy and be rewarded. In return, your mind, body, and spirit will thank you!  

The go365 app is available in  the Apple App Store  &  Google Play Store

The go365 app is available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store

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