Spring Clean Your Health Routine


To most of Augusta, the Masters Tournament is a rite of spring. A season that signals warmer weather, longer days, trips to the farmers market, and the often dreaded “Pre-Masters cleaning”. As much as the Masters Tournament coerces you to a detailed spring clean, having a clean, freshly organized house is a delightful end-result. 

So how might this ubiquitous desire to clean translate into your health and fitness? The same “spring cleaning” principles you applied for Masters cleaning can also be applied to revamp your schedule and health priorities. Take a moment to reflect on your health: Ask yourself how you’re feeling. Really take an inventory of how you might “clean up” your eating habits and/or improve your exercise routine. If there are hindrances to your goals, how might you overcome those? 

Now that you’ve taken a deeper dive into spring cleaning your health, of what needs to go and what needs to stay in your routine; Oxygen’s Spring Challenge may be suited just for you! Here is an opportunity to hold yourself accountable and work towards expanding new horizons. This challenge will help encourage you to add variety to your exercise routine, thus improving your overall health and well-being. 

It’s crucial that throughout this challenge, you stay focused on your personal goals and use your own self as a barometer. Become an expert on yourself. You will learn over these next 9 weeks how your body responds to external stimuli such as class workouts, nutrition, and sleep. More than anything, stay consistent. Remind yourself to be patient and that the long-term benefits are well worth it in the end, even though you may not love every minute of it. Through it all, show up and take action and learn to love yourself through it all! 

If you need some help cleaning up your eating habits and setting personal nutrition goals to amp up this Spring Challenge, please feel free to reach out to me at hannah@oxygenfitstudio.com to set up a nutrition consultation.